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Assistance with Wills in Jesmond

Why do I need a Will?

Death is never a straightforward business, and preparing for the future by getting important affairs in order gives you a real sense of security as life goes on. It also provides certainty for your friends and loved ones, relieving some of the stress at a time that’s already incredibly difficult.

What happens if I don’t make a Will?

If you die without a will, your estate is divided in accordance with a list set out in legislation. If no beneficiaries can be found, then your estate goes to the state government. Before making a Will, it’s important that you discuss this with your family.
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What does the process of creating a Will involve?

When creating your will, you need to arrange an executor. More than one is allowed, and your children may take on the role if they are over 18. You must also contact your superannuation organisation and arrange for a Binding Death Nomination to be sent to you for your signature before two witnesses. Otherwise, the trustees of your superannuation can give your superannuation to other people who can claim to be dependent upon you, even if you leave everything to your spouse or children.

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